This page is vulnerable!

Your objective is to discover the vulnerability, write a report called vuln_report.pdf, and attach it to your application email.

The report will follow the template below:

    ### 1. Name
    Insert here the name of the vulnerability. If you don't know the name, leave it blank!

    ### 2. Description
    Insert here a description of the vulnerability. The description should explain how an 
    attacker could use that to do harm. 

    ### 3. PoC
    Insert here a proof of concept exploiting a vulnerability. The PoC must include all
    the steps to mount and reproduce the attack, including all relevant details, such as
    URLs. For the PoC, assume that this vulnerable page is hosted 
    and that is a web API function that can 
    wipe out a production database.

I know this may be a tough challenge, but I nevertheless encourage you to try your best! If you cannot find a way to exploit it, don't worry, and I would be happy to hear your thoughts about it!