PhD Student Positions in Application Security at CISPA

I am looking for talented Ph.D. students to work on the following topics:

Positions are fully-funded and starting date is approx. August 1st, 2019. The positions will remain open until filled.

Instructions for Applicants

To apply, please send to the following material:

Please, send PDF attachments only, and use PhD Position Application at CISPA as email subject.

(Optional) Capture-the-Flag Style Additional Instructions

Is sending a bunch of PDFs via email too boring for you? Would you like to spice a little bit up your application? Say no more; I got you covered!

Below are three string tokens, each hiding a secret text message. Your goal is to find the text message and follow the additional application submission instructions in it. Following these new instructions is the only requirement to prove you got the solution.

There are three difficulty levels (easy, mid and hard). It is your choice to decide how many and which challenges to solve. However, consider that the complexity of the challenges is incremental and solving one will help in solving the next one. Be aware that solving the challenges takes time. Depending on your skillset, solving all challenges may take about one hour.

IMPORTANT: Solving these challenges is not required for a successful application. This means that not solving or failing to solve the challenges will not disqualify your application from full consideration. The challenges are only for fun.

Said that, behold the three challenges:

Hints (click to collapse)

What follows is meant for those of you who fought hard and now need a bit of help. For the rest of you, go away! :)