Topics and Skills

We are constantly looking for talented and motivated students to work with us on many research projects. If you are interested in working with us for a BSc/MSc thesis project, for a HiWi project (paid research assistants), or a research internship, please read this page very carefully.

We look for students to work on research problems in our areas of interest. I warmly recommend you to have a look at our recent publications to find out what we are working on.

Note for ML/AI-focused Students: While our group is primarily focused on web security, we are also looking for students with a strong background in machine learning and artificial intelligence to use these tools to solve web security and security testing problems.

In general, our areas of research fall within the broader family of applied security, meaning that we work on and with real software systems at scale. Working on these topics is challenging, and students with good technical skills are more likely to succeed. The list below summarizes a set of skills that we recommend you to have to work on our projects:

  • Learn how to use scripting languages, e.g., Python, JavaScript
  • Learn about Web security (e.g., Do you know what’s an XSS?)
  • Learn how to use common development tools, e.g., GIT
  • Learn how to write documents with Latex
  • Be comfortable in speaking and writing in English

Saarland University Students: If you are a UdS student, it is highly recommended that you attend (and get a good grade) in my lectures or seminars. If your focus is ML/AI, it is recommended that you attended ML course (e.g., Machine Learning, Machine Learning in Cybersecurity, …)

Other Students (e.g., Erasmus thesis projects): If you are not a UdS student, you should have a background in security topics, or ML/AI for student with that focus. If you do not have any, I do not recommend to apply for a student project in our group.

How to Apply

Please send an email to, and attach the follow documents:

  • Most recent transcript of records
  • You CV (Only for Research Assistants and non UdS students)


  • Email format: Styling emails may introduce rendering issues. You can reduce these risks by using plain-text emails.
  • Attachments: Please send attachments only in PDF (formats like docx will be discarded).
  • CV: I would recommend avoiding exceeding two pages.