Giancarlo Pellegrino
Stuhlsatzenhaus 5
66123 Saarbrücken
Germany /

I am a visiting Assistant Professor at Stanford University and Research Group Leader at CISPA Helmholtz Center for IT Security. Before that I was postdoc in the System Security group at CISPA and during my doctoral studies I was member of the S3 group at EURECOM in Sophia-Antipolis (France) under the supervision of Davide Balzarotti. Until August 2013, I worked as researcher associate in the Security and Trust group at the SAP research labs.


I research on multiple aspects of the security of modern application software, in particular on web-based application. While my core research goal is to advance the state of the art of automated vulnerability detection and analysis, I also study the security properties of emerging technologies/trends in application software.

Current interests: