Giancarlo Pellegrino
353 Serra Mall
Gates Computer Science Building, Room 495
Stanford CA 94305
US /

I am a visiting Assistant Professor at Stanford University and Research Group Leader at CISPA (Center for IT Security, Privacy, and Accountability). Before that I was postdoc in the System Security group at CISPA and during my doctoral studies I was member of the S3 group at EURECOM in Sophia-Antipolis (France) under the supervision of Davide Balzarotti. Until August 2013, I worked as researcher associate in the Security and Trust group at the SAP research labs.


I research on multiple aspects of the security of the modern application software stack, including web, mobile, and browser security. While my core research goal is to advance the state of the art of automated vulnerability detection and analysis, I also study the security properties of emerging technologies/trends in application software.


Presentations and Talks